Interview Coaching Services/Competency Interview Coaching

Competency Interview Coaching

Our interview coaching is tailored to you to meet the assessment criteria for any interview whether it is a behavioural competency interview, strength or technical based interview. Strength and technical based interviews are increasingly being used by organisations as part of their Talent Acquisition Recruitment Process. It is used to complement the competency-based interview process. Our interview coaching follows a blended competency and strength-based approach.

Strength Based Interview Coaching is now used across many organisations in both the private and public sector and increasingly so in the Financial Services, FinTech and Information Technology Sectors. Strength based interviews are used to complement competency-based interviews and require different preparation and practice.

How does Interview Coaching with Albemarle Consulting help you?

  • Understand where your interview technique has not been successful
  • Recognise and highlight your relevant key strengths
  • Increase your confidence
  • Manage anxiety and interview nerves
  • Add clarity and depth to your interview conversation and answers
  • Leave an unforgettable impression, standing out from the competition
  • Proven transformation with your interview progress

Coaching in person and online with Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom all achieve excellent results. With online coaching full video recording is extremely effective enabling us to focus on your interview style, structure and content of your answers. You will have access to download the recording to playback and listen to as often as you wish.