For Candidates

With Albemarle Consulting you will be in safe and trusted hands to help you in achieving your goals, finding the right role and supporting you throughout your search and the entire interview process. 

Employees are the heart and lifeblood of all organisations, from large and medium sized to small and Start-Ups. 
We feel the same about candidates and understand the added value, skills and talent you contribute to the success of the organisation you join. 
Our Candidate Partner driven-approach has been developed to ensure you are successful in your career move. 


Before your CV is submitted for a new role, we will provide you with our feedback and comments to ensure your CV highlights all of your relevant skills and experience. Tailoring your CV is about understanding the skill-set and qualities which are most important for a specific position, reflecting these to ensure they are prominent to the hiring managers.


We meet every candidate before their first interview, face to face where possible or via a video call, to help tailor your interview technique to match your individual personality and style. We also coach you on the interview agenda, questions to expect, behavioural and verbal do's and don'ts, and interview nuances to ensure your success at every stage. Our interview coaching has been finely tuned over many years and is tailored to you to meet the assessment criteria for any interview whether it is a behavioural competency interview or a strength-based interview.


In addition, telephone and face to face interview coaching, we also provide video interview techniques to help you avoid common mistakes, all our interview coaching is solely focussed in preparing you for success


Albemarle Consulting have a forensic knowledge of the FinTech and Information Technology Sectors. We are highly regarded as trusted advisors and take pride in supporting and personally representing you in the search for your dream job.