“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”- Albert Einstein”


We offer a unique, one-to-one Interview Coaching and Career Counselling service in a highly confidential, affordable and practical manner. 

DISC Personality Profiling, we help in unlocking personality styles; what you do well, how you work best under pressure. We can help you become a much more effective communicator, coach, leader, manager, sales professional or parent/carer.

Albemarle Consulting offers Coaching with Disc Personality Profiling, Interview Coaching and Career Counselling.
Albemarle Consulting is DISC Accredited by the Coaching Academy of London.

DISC Profiling

DISC When you understand the unique DISC style of your employees, you will better understand how to build an immediate rapport with them and able to develop and deliver personalised coaching sessions that will quickly resonate with them regardless of their DISC personality style

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Interview Coaching and Career Counselling

We offer a unique, one-to-one interview coaching and career counselling service in a highly confidential, affordable and practical manner. We are fully committed to share and leverage our extensive experience of front-line recruitment to help you solve current job and/or career-related

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