DISC – Personality Profiling

DISC - Personality Profiling with Albemarle Consutling

By understanding and appreciating the differences and similarities in people, we are more likely not to label what we see and hear as as “write” and “wrong”.

DISC opens the door to effective communication allowing you to tone and adapt your language and behaviour to better manage people in any environment. People respond better to people they like, trust and understand. People are different, but they are predictably different!

At Albemarle Consulting, we understand the importance of understanding people. What makes them act or react in a certain way, their thought process and why they say the things they say. Unlocking people’s style is what we do well and also something we can help you with you if you wish to become a much more effective communicator, coach, leader, manager, sales professional or parent/career.

We understand that when a person communicates to you according to your personality style and behavioural preferences, you are much more likely to be receptive and respond in a positive manner.

What is DISC ?

DISC - Personality System

In 1928, psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston published his book “The Emotions of NormalPeople” and developed what we now know and use today as the DISC PersonalitySystem. The system focused on four specific and different behavioural traits: Dominance, Influence,Steadiness, and Compliance and ultimately went on to be validated during Dr. Marston’sstudies at Harvard University. Today, his system is one of the most widely used for businessapplications worldwide.


Decision Makers, Direct in Communication, Risk Takers, Competitive, Goal & Results Oriented, Innovative, Challenges the Status Quo.


Outgoing, Welcoming, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Impulsive, Persuasive, Emotional, Encourager of Others, Creative Problem Solver, Influential


Stable, Reliable, Values Safety & Security, Sympathetic to Others, Team Player, Non-Confrontational, Peacemaker, Loyal, Patient, Consistent


Accurate, Conscientious, Systematic, Organised, Analytical, Fact-Finder, Even Tempered, Methodical, Thorough, High Standards

These four styles are not black or white. Each of us has some (high and low) of each of these traits within our personality, and it is this unique combination which creates the DISC Personality Style.

DISC - has a large number of positive applications, here are the top five:


When you understand the unique DISC style of your employees, you will better understand how to build an immediate rapport with them to help dramatically improve their performance. We develop and deliver personalised coaching sessions that will quickly resonate with your employees regardless of their DISC personality style.

Hiring & Talent Management

The DISC Personality System is a powerful and invaluable tool when hiring the right person for your open job positions. When used as part of the recruitment process DISC can provide information on how an individual might fit into the role and go about the job, how they could work as part of a team, how they may approach challenges. Helping you select an individual who has the right personality to succeed in a position, gaining an insight into the management style they will respond to, understanding the best work environment for them to work in, will help increase the chances of a successful placement and has been proven to decrease employee turnover.

Team Building

By understanding the personality styles of each person in a team, communication can be increased, which leads to improved morale, productivity, information sharing, sales increase and project delivery efficiency.

Leadership Development

When training leaders in behavioural awareness, more effective leadership will be achieved. DISC enables leaders to work to their strengths and to the strengths of each individual in their team, understanding what motivates others, and improving communication.

Sales Training

Personality and communication are absolutely fundamental when building rapport with your clients. Having the ability to understand one's own natural selling style and predicting the personality of a client, communication and transfer of information can be adapted to better suit and meet the client's needs, effectively maximising results.

How AC delivers DISC


  • Individually on one to one basisor video online
  • To a group up to maximum 30
  • Fees are flexible and tailored depending on the size of the business


  • Individually on one to one basis.
  • Face to face or video online
  • Flexible fee