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Interview Presentation and Video Coaching

Interview Presentation Coaching

Presentation skills are increasingly seen as core business skills. Many interviews in the private sector and public sectors require you to create and provide a presentation as part of the interview process, and on some occasions for graduate level roles. The topics can vary from telling them about yourself, product or service, to sharing your business vision or talking through your 30-60-90- day business or technical delivery plan.

Many of us try to avoid giving presentations at all costs or simply muddle our way through them. There is a solution. By learning the art of giving a presentation your self-confidence and esteem will be increased and transformed. You will be able to give professional presentations and promote your knowledge and skills.

Benefits of Presentation Coaching

Presentation Coaching is tailored to your style and needs, and usually takes place over one or two sessions. We will coach you on:

  • How to structure your presentation
  • How to develop your own style
  • Your voice tone and timing
  • How to develop confidence and manage fear
  • How to select and use visual aids
  • How to use your voice and language to exude confidence
  • How to know your audience
  • How to handle questions and answers
  • How to engage with and involve your audience.

Video Interview Coaching

We also provide video interview techniques to help you avoid common mistakes. All our interview coaching services are solely focussed in preparing you for success!