CV and Application Coaching

CV and Application Coaching

CV and Application Writing Services

CV Writing, Application Writing, Personal Statement, Executive Statement and LinkedIn Profile

Common CV Problems

  • Are you finding it difficult to promote yourself?
  • Are you changing between permanent and contract roles?
  • Are you changing industry sector or career and not sure how to promote your transferable skills?
  • Are you a graduate or just starting your career and have little experience to promote yourself?
  • Are you submitting your CV to HR or Recruiters and not receiving feedback or interviews despite your suitability for the role?

Your CV may be well written, however it may not be ‘’online search friendly’, therefore HR and Recruiters may be unable to find your CV using their candidate search software or via LinkedIn search.

CV Writing Services – Albemarle Consulting’s Personal Approach

We offer a one-to- one professional CV writing service following our proven approach fine-tuned over several years:

  • Initial Video call or Face-to-Face meeting to discuss and review the role/s your desire, outlining the skills and strengths required for the role/s. This is critical as we need establish what the organisation/s are looking for, as well as getting to know you to be able to write an accurate and authentic CV, highlighting all your relevant skills and experience.
  • During our first meeting we will conduct an in-depth review of your existing CV and Personal / Executive Statement to fully explore your career history, academic achievement, and business and technical skills, and discuss the relevant ‘experience’ and ‘stories’ which will form your key achievements. Often, we see a list of responsibilities with little or no supporting evidence of what was achieved and how.
  • We will send you a draft of your CV and Personal / Executive Statement and arrange a follow up call to discuss and review the content to ensure it is accurate, authentic, complete and meets with your approval.

Depending on the level of your career experience you can choose from:

Entry Level CV Service: £95.00 + VAT £19.00 Total £114.00

Professional CV Service: £195.00 +VAT £39.00 Total £234.00

Executive CV Service: £295.00 + VAT £59.00 Total £354.00

Job Application Writing

Job application forms often can be confusing and here at Albemarle Consulting we appreciate how difficult it can be to match your experience, skills and career history to the questions outlined on the form. There are usually specific questions which need to be answered and/or a personal/executive statement to write. We will work with you to ensure your application has the very best chance of being selected for interview.

We will review the application form with you and set out a work plan which will include some or all of the following:

  1. An initial meeting with you Face-to-Face or via a Video call to discuss and agree the skills and strengths listed and required within the job description.
  2. Identify the stories and achievements within your CV which are relevant to the required strengths and strong enough to answer the specific questions asked within the application form.
  3. We will create a list of potential content ideas before starting work on a draft application.
  4. We will draft answers to all the questions and check the form for accuracy, authenticity and completeness.