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What advice do you have on how to land the right job?

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I was inspired to write this post by Jessica Naziri, Founder and CEO at TechSesh. Jessica had posted an excellent post which I shared on LinkedIn titled; ‘’Your network is your net worth. How many times have you heard this?’’. Jessica ended her post with a very interesting question. – “What advice do you have on how to land the right job?”

Here are my top 3 tips on how to land the right job?

  1. LinkedIn profiles need to be complete, accurate and detailing all your relevant experience, industry and business knowledge and key achievements. If you are responsible for new business sales, account management or strategic business development it adds value to your profile to see annual sales achieved against target / quota, these can be expressed as a percentage if preferred. If you are a business change professional responsible for delivering projects, detailing the type/size of projects delivered, on budget and on or before the due live date/deadline will also add value to your profile. For both sales and business change roles, naming your target business sectors, e.g.: Investment Banking, Asset Managers, Cyber Security, Financial Crime, Retail, Health Care etc. also helps to better understand of your industry sector expertise.
  1. Find and work with a trusted Recruitment Consultant who specialises in your industry and understands your expertise. The right Recruitment Consultant will not only help to find you the right role but will also give you advice on your CV, ensure all your relevant skills and experience are highlighted for the job you are applying for. A trusted Recruitment Consultant will also act as your ambassador when representing you to potential employers and will also explore with you other interesting roles which may have missed your radar, or you may have never considered before.
  1. Find a great Interview Coach. Whatever your level of experience; Junior, Senior or C level, everyone can really benefit from Interview Coaching. Coaching should be tailored to you and the specific interview for the role you are applying for. Whether your interview is competency, strength, technical or value based, or a blended interview in either the private or public sector. A good Interview Coach will prove invaluable coaching you at the initial and final stages of the interview process or at every stage in the process including application and CV coaching.

I am happy to help if you need it.

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