Interview Coaching and Career Counselling

Interview Coaching and Career Counselling with Albemarle Consulting

Coaching is tailored to you and your interview whether it is a competency, strength or value based or blended interview in the either the private or public sector. We can help you at the initial and final stage or every step in the process including application and CV coaching.

We can design a one-to-one coaching course involving multiple coaching sessions. Alternatively, you may choose to have a one-off coaching appointment. All sessions are available face to face in London, and/or online through Skype, Google Hangout and Zoom. Audio and/or video recordings are available on request.

We offer a unique, one-to-one interview coaching and career counselling service in a highly confidential, affordable and practical manner. We are fully committed to share and leverage our extensive experience of front-line recruitment to help candidates solve current job and/or career-related problems.

Over the years we have made a significant difference to many professionals from a diverse range of industries. We have helped them progress their careers, increase their employment potential as well as evaluate and manage critical career changes.

Our Interview coaching is tailored to your individual style and needs whether you are a graduate applying for an internship, an industry professional looking for a new challenge or a senior executive applying for a leadership position.

We meet every candidate before their first interview, face to face where possible or via a video call, to walk through and tailor your interview technique to match your individual personality and style. We also coach you on the interview agenda, questions to expect, behavioural and verbal do's and don'ts, and interview nuances to ensure your success at every stage. Our Interview Coaching is provided to all candidates and has been finely tuned over many years.

Depending on the position you are applying for you could be assessed on five key areas

1. Competency behaviours

The actions and activities that we do which result in effective performance in the role.

2. Strengths

The things we do regularly, do well and motivate us.

3. Ability

The aptitude or potential to perform to the required standard.

4. Experience

The knowledge or mastery of an activity or subjectgained through involvement in or exposure to it.

5. Technical

The demonstration of specific professional skills, knowledge and or qualifications.

Why Choose Albemarle Consulting

Your Success with Albemarle Consulting

Albemarle Consulting offer several interview coaching services for candidates looking for a new job in the private or public sector, either within your existing organisation or with a new organisation. Coaching is available from the initial application stage through to final stage interview and involves CV and application coaching, preparation and mock interview sessions for both blended competency interviews, strength and technical based interviews.It only takes two hours to be more confident and better prepared. Depending on the success you are experiencing, we can help with your CV, application, interview or presentation interview or a final interview

  • Albemarle Consulting has specialist expertise, substantial experience and proven results.
  • Coaching is tailored to your individual style and needs whether you need help with your CV, online application, face to face or video interviews or presentation.
  • You can choose from two types of coaching or select both: preparation coaching and mock interview coaching.
  • We will provide you with interview resources such as a preparation guide and examples of interview questions.This will include a list of challenging questions tailored to your job specification.
  • Video Recording: During your coaching session video recordings are used to enhance your training. This will enable you to watch yourself and will increase your confidence, improve your delivery and body language.
  • Audio Recording: Online coaching sessions can be audio recorded so that you can listen back to the session and have continued access for self-training.
Interview Coaching


Interview Coaching Fees

Coaching sessions vary from £125.00 – £375.00 plus VAT. Please email for more details on coaching fees. The best approach is to schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your objectives. email info@albemarleconsulting.comto schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you succeed

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Albemarle Consulting has a forensic knowledge of the FinTech and Information Technology Sectors. We are highly regarded as trusted advisors and take pride in personally representing and supporting you in the search for your dream job.

Albemarle Consulting provides Recruitment Services for roles throughout the UK and Internationally on both permanent and contract basis. For more information please visitClientsandCandidateexperience with Albemarle Consulting and theExecutive Searchservice.